The mission of John Paul II Foundation for the New Evangelization is to
equip, empower, and employ Parish Evangelization Leaders.

The great majority of parishes in the United States focus on maintenance instead of on the mission that Christ gave the Church. Thankfully, a number of apostolates are helping pastors and parish leaders to change this.

No matter how good a Pastor is, he cannot facilitate the process of parish renewal alone.  He needs to collaborate with a small leadership team. Ideally, this team includes a leader who is responsible for directing a three-step formation process for all parishioners:

(1) Evangelization – life-changing encounters with Christ

(2) Discipleship – opportunities to grow as intentional disciples

(3) Mission Formation – evangelization training, empowerment, and sending as missionary disciples


We call this person a Parish Evangelization Leader (PEL).

After being further equipped and empowered, JP2FNE’s highly qualified PELs will serve at parishes that are committed to the transformation of their culture from maintenance to mission but cannot afford to employ someone competent to facilitate the process.  

"I sense that the moment has come to commit all of the Church’s energies to a new evangelization...”

St. John Paul II


With the Pastor, the Parish Evangelization Leader articulates the vision of a culture of intentional discipleship and mission to the entire parish beginning with the parish (and school) staff, pastoral and finance councils, and the heads of parish ministries and organizations.  The PEL directs the formation of all parishioners, facilitating their movement through the steps of being evangelized to growing as disciples of Jesus and then to being trained to evangelize and sent to make disciples. Training leaders for small communities is part of the PEL’s responsibility.

John Paul II Foundation for the New Evangelization is committed to:


  • facilitate the equipping of Parish Evangelization Leaders.  This is accomplished in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

  • facilitate the empowerment of Parish Evangelization Leaders in collaboration with other organizations.  Intensive pastoral formation prepares them for the collaborative responsibility of fostering and sustaining a parish culture of intentional discipleship and evangelization.

  • employ competent and passionate Parish Evangelization Leaders certified by the Archbishop of Los Angeles and commissioned to qualifying parishes. With the Pastor and his leadership team, the Parish Evangelization Leader directs the formation of all parishioners as missionary disciples.

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